On November 24th, the Piscataquis County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) announced its choice for the 2021 Pete Myrick award, Paul Stearns of Guilford.

Mr. Stearns personifies the attributes associated with Pete Myrick and the recipients of the award named for him: an exemplary commitment and outstanding contributions to education, economic development, and civic engagement in Piscataquis County.

As a long-time educator, coach and educational administrator, Paul has been a positive influence and mentor for countless students in the county.  He has led economic development initiatives through his work with Piscataquis River Festival, his leadership on the Executive Committee of the PCEDC, and numerous other efforts that have created jobs, tax revenues and opportunity in the County.  And his years of service representing his district in Piscataquis County in the Maine House of Representatives are characterized by his ceaseless and successful efforts to better the lives and well-being of his constituents and communities.

The PCEDC Annual meeting, at which this year’s Myrick Award will be formally presented to Paul, will take place at the Craft Café in Guilford on Monday, December 6th from 4-6 pm.  This event typically involves a gathering of council members, business owners, legislative representatives and media; the public is also welcomed to attend, but pre-registration is required (see link below).

“I am very excited about Paul’s selection as this year’s Myrick Award winner, and the opportunity to recognize his lifetime contributions to the County at our Annual Meeting,” said John Shea, PCEDC Executive Director. “In addition to all his years of service, he was extremely helpful and supportive of me when I joined the PCEDC less than two years ago.”

PCEDC Board President, Denise Buzzelli added “Paul was chosen from a very competitive pool of nominees; He was ultimately chosen because of his impact in every category of the award criteria and the longevity of his life’s work in our region; I think the very things that were important to Warren Pete Myrick resonate in Paul’s life.”

Community members are invited to register for the event using the link on the PCEDC website (pcedc.org).

For further information on Paul Stearn’s contributions, the Pete Myrick Award or the work of the PCEDC, please contact John Shea at john.shea@pcedc.org or 207-564-3638.


Paul Stearns



Posted on:   November 23, 2021