The Piscataquis County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) works with local municipalities and businesses to apply for and execute on Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Grants. This year, PCEDC worked with the Town of Greenville to submit two CDBG Micro-Enterprise Assistance Grants; the grants were to assist the Bartley Event Center and Northwoods Health & Wellness Center. We are excited to announce that Greenville was awarded both Grants; a total of 19 grants were awarded across the State.

Startup businesses and existing businesses both benefit from the CDBG Program. These dollars often provide much needed investments in capital, building modifications, or the purchase of raw materials. In the case of the Bartley Event Center and Northwoods Health & Wellness Center, these dollars help with the purchase of equipment needed to outfit each of these businesses. Both of these businesses were identified as critical additions to the Greenville Region amenities to support both the tourism economy and to retain and attract new residents to the region. If you are interested in learning more about the CDBG process, please contact Christopher Winstead at

Posted on:   April 15, 2018

Categories:   News