Who We Are:

PCEDC is a collaborative grass roots effort created in 1997 by county residents interested in promoting economic development in Piscataquis County. Council membership is diverse and has members from both public and private sectors. Town managers, small business owners, corporate executives, non-profit organizers, educators, and bankers are all represented. The Council elects an Executive Committee that oversees the staff and PCEDC’s daily operations.


Piscataquis County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) seeks to leverage local, county, state, and federal resources to promote and encourage private and public investment within Piscataquis County., Maine. The goal is to stimulate long-term sustainable economic development and growth in the region.


Piscataquis County will have a strong, diverse, and vibrant economy that offers higher quality jobs to support strong, diverse, and vibrant families and communities. A strong economy is one that is wealth generating, able to survive national economic downturns, productive, and efficient. It’s also diverse, containing a numerous, healthy combination of manufacturing, service, and retail businesses. Such an economy must be a vibrant one that values creativity, supports leadership, and is knowledge based. The resulting higher quality jobs will be able to financially sustain individuals, families, and communities.

PCEDC will continue to build a prosperous future of Piscataquis County for everyone by growing our population, ensuring a viable future for our youth, providing opportunities for lifelong learning and employment, promoting tourism and recreation, and advocating for this county at multiple levels in order to ensure a good quality of life for all of our residents.