Owned and operated by Paul and Theresa Lancisi, and located in Shirley, ME, Dove Tail Bat is the premier manufacturer of solid wood baseball bats. Paul started his woodworking career designing, building, and installing custom-cabinets and creating high-quality products for his customers. He had a love of wood working, playing second-seat only to his love for America’s favorite pastime. Having spent time playing ball, Paul recognized the importance of players having a high-quality bat in their hands while standing at the plate. This appreciation grew as his kids starting following in his footsteps. Paul knew that he could create a quality bat that could compete with and even surpass any aluminum bat. He also knew he would need some financial backing to make it happen. The State of Maine has a few resources in terms of assisting businesses with startup and expansion. One such program is the Community Development Block Grant Program, Economic Development Grant, accessible through Piscataquis Economic Development Council. PCEDC worked with the Town of Shirley in support of Paul and Theresa; helping draft a winning CDBG/EDP grant. These dollars allowed Dove Tail Bat to bring wood processing in-house. Prior to working with PCEDC, Dove Tail Bat utilized billets milled from Maine lumber and shipped up from Connecticut. Following the CDBG application, Dove Tail Bat was able to mill all lumber on-site, creating a stream of high-quality, locally-sourced, locally- milled stock material for their bats. Our efforts helped expedite their growth, cut 5 years off their expansion plan, create a higher-quality material for the manufacturing of their bats, and increase profitability. Additionally, our efforts helped Paul and Theresa create three additional jobs, employing local Mainers in their own backyard.

Posted on:   December 20, 2019

Categories:   Success Stories