“This represents a significant impetus to reconnect the snowmobile trail from Greenville to Kokadjo and access the Moosehead Lake Loop Trail. The new trail will also allow ATV’s to get to Kokadjo and except for a section in Seboomook, ATV’s will be able to access most of the area around Moosehead Lake” according to Dr. Kenneth B. Woodbury, Community Development Director of PCEDC.

The grant also provides for business oriented workshops developed by the Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce and the PCEDC. These workshops are designed to teach businesses how best to attract and retain ATV and snowmobile customers.

The Moosehead Lake region has been developing improved strategies to promote the area as a year-round tourist attraction. Off-road motorized recreation has become an increasing important attraction for the Great North Woods and Greenville as its gateway.

The grant will fund local snowmobile and ATV experts to scout and design the best-fit trail that has land-owner cooperation and permission. The Moosehead ATV Riders, under the leadership of President Ken Snowdon, and the Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club under the guidance of President Tom McCormick, will jointly be taking the lead in designing a feasible trail connecting Greenville to the Kokadjo trail system. The Maine Department of Conservation will assist the local clubs.

Posted on:   September 15, 2011

Categories:   Success Stories