Small businesses face many challenges, PCEDC works to help our businesses navigate these challenges and turn them into opportunities. We seek options to help increase profitability, mitigate challenges, and find a way to “work smarter, not harder”. One challenge facing our small businesses is the ability to move their goods, or bring their goods to the markets where sales can occur. This often holds our businesses back from realizing a higher level of growth. So, we ask, “what would it take to increase distribution of your products?”

In the same vein as challenges with distribution, many of our businesses identify inefficiencies in their manufacturing process as a stumbling block towards profitability. Inefficiencies in manufacturing causes a loss of time, decreases production, and limits profitability. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with our businesses with a goal of streamlining their process, with a goal of increasing productivity and profitability.

When we spoke to Heather and Josh Brown, from Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Co., in Greenville, they identified challenges facing their business was the ability to move their products and an inefficient labeling process for their products. We worked with Heather, Josh, and the Town of Greenville, in completing a success Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Micro-Enterprise Assistance (MEA) Grant Application.

The grant assisted Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Co. with the purchase of a new equipment to help modernize their labeling process and create a streamlined approach allowing for higher productivity. Now that they were able to label more products, they needed a means to transport those products to market. The second function of the grant helped with the purchase of a new transport van, allowing the Brown’s to move more of their products at trade shows, fairs, and delivery to new sales locations.

Posted on:   February 15, 2017

Categories:   Success Stories